12/8/2014 2:12 PM
Hanan fawaz alkhattab

Time went by and the journey was not easy!  For four years we have been buying, trading, and selling everything we have got in this marketplace of ideas. Now, we have achieved our goals.
As I am wearing my graduation hat, I feel speechless.  I still remember those days back when learning and studying were not easy. But the joys I feel now is filling my heart and make me believe that the efforts I exerted are worthy.
“Accounting” major at University of Jordan is a dream that came true! I would like to thank my professors who supported and guided me academically throughout my studying experience. They are the reason for my success and accomplishment.
I praise Allah in the first place because of the great confidence and persistence he puts in me; my strong faith in Allah is my guidance. Also, I have a special feeling of gratitude to my parents for their continuous assistance, care and love.
Now my pockets are full and I feel powerful. I will visualize my goals, Trust myself and never ever be afraid of failure. I and my colleagues are proud of being a Jordanian graduates, and we will provide our homeland “The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan” with our knowledge to build it up and let it prosper

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