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The mission To equip the national economy with highly qualified human resources who can make an important contribution towards the development of the country's economic performance and national competitiveness. in addition to establishing and maintaining strong strategic partnerships with the local, regional, and international business sectors to mutually serve the academic and development objectives of the University and its stakeholders.
1.MissionBusiness Business 1
the vision of the Department of Business Management is to prepare the future leaders of the next generation by equipping them with all the necessary skills and tools to help better the world of academia and business.
2.VisionBusiness Business 1
The Department of risk management and insurance delivers its duties towards both the academic and non academic communities by preparing graduates who are well qualified to work in all kinds of financial and capital market institutions and facilitating and supporting quality research that is based on well-thought ideas in the light of the surrounding business and economic environment.
1.MissionRisk Management and Insurance Risk Management and Insurance 3
The Department of risk management and insurance aspires to become a leading institution in teaching and research in risk management and insurance locally, regionally, and internationally.
2.VisionRisk Management and Insurance Risk Management and Insurance 3
The mission of the Accounting Department is to educate students to function in different accounting jobs by creating an intellectual environment that enables students to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to practice accounting in private and public sectors in a professional and ethical manner to achieve success in a dynamic accounting environment.
1.MissionAccounting Accounting 2
The vision of the Accounting Department is to develop skilled human resources with specialized education and training in accounting. Since its inception in 2009 with the Department has been committed to fulfill the needs of the modern business world by producing executives and trained manpower with strong skills in accounting, auditing, taxation and financial analysis.
2.VisionAccounting Accounting 2