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Workshop on the role of social security during Corona pandemic (Covid-19)


On 7 April 2021, the Business School of the University of Jordan/ Aqaba organized a workshop on the role of social security in light of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) on zom software for employees and students of the Business School, where Dr. Saddam al-Wadi welcomed dean The Faculty of Business/ University of Jordan / Aqaba lecturer Mr. Zaal Abu Kadeiri, Director of the Directorate of Participants in the Social Security Foundation Aqaba branch, indicating the importance of continuous communication with community institutions, and the active role played by the Guarantee Corporation in providing economic and social protection to workers and supporting the unemployed under the Corona pandemic.     Mr. Zaal Abu Kaddiri spoke about the initiatives and programs adopted by the Social Security Foundation and presented to the decision makers, which in turn reflected on the issuance of a package of defense orders to maintain the permanence of the private sector and protect workers and the unemployed as a result of the closures that occurred during 2020 and Professor Abu Qadiri reviewed the details of defense orders related to the Social Security Law, starting with defense order No. 1) Through orders 6,9, 15.24, which provided for the support of the facilities employed by the most affected Jordanians​

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