Strategy of accounting Department

12/20/2014 3:19 PM
The mission of the Accounting Department is to educate students to function in different accounting jobs by creating an intellectual environment that enables students to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to practice accounting in private and public sectors in a professional and ethical manner to achieve success in a dynamic accounting environment.
12/20/2014 3:23 PM
The vision of the Accounting Department is to develop skilled human resources with specialized education and training in accounting. Since its inception in 2009 with the Department has been committed to fulfill the needs of the modern business world by producing executives and trained manpower with strong skills in accounting, auditing, taxation and financial analysis.
12/20/2014 3:24 PM
To provide challenging learning experiences for undergraduate and graduate students that are based upon accounting theories within the local and global business environment. To advise students to enhance their intellectual and professional skills in different accounting areas. To interact with the public and private sectors to continuously improve undergraduate and graduate accounting programs.

Faculty of Business and Finance
Department of accounting


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